Laxmi is awesome and will help you understand why you are valuable

“Laxmi is awesome and will help you understand why you are valuable and where you should put your focus. Understanding what you are good at and the why of how you can implement it is going to make you go in the right direction where you provide the most value.” Jeff Jennings is the CEO of Improvised Electronics a successful open source marketplace that includes DIY kits and training classes allowing for customization of electronic devices based on function. BYD helped Improvised Electronics with a Technology Transition Plan to expand their business beyond the Government to include commercial applications by defining the core potential which immediately identified new business opportunities and streamlined messaging and operations.

Jeff Jennings

Laxmi has revolutionized what it means to create success in business

"Laxmi has revolutionized what it means to create success in business. She has the keen ability to zero in on the heart and soul of a business and identify the steps, processes and products that manifest that mission. She is the epitome of a business alchemist, turning an idea or vision into a well thought out treasure map that empowers all involved." Viji is the owner of a successful Bay Area women’s preventative health company and sought BYD’s services to help her expand her growing business. It has been multiple years since she went through the program and discovering her core potential has enabled her to confidently add new services, articulate her message, increase pricing and recognize a 3X increase in revenue.

Viji Natarajan

Laxmi is a brilliant value proposition guru and advisor

She is helping produce and articulate a cohesive value proposition which is enabling us to better demonstrate our company’s core value to customers and stakeholders. Edward Hill & Dean Dickinson are the founders of the block chain powered cause-based interest network CausEcho that is being developed with support from IBM. Laxmi serves as an advisor to CausEcho and helps to shape the branding, marketing and business strategy.

Edward Hill & Dean Dickinson
Co-Founders / CausEcho

It was a marvelous idea.

Laxmi gave us an idea of implementing a roadmap for our nonprofits. It was a marvelous idea. Philip Auerbach is the CEO of his own successful global translation and marketing services company. Laxmi helped Philip and his team formulate their value and how they define their products for their non-profit Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation (AGIF) in the marketplace.

Philip Auerbach