So, what is COREPotential™?

You do a lot of great things and your business provides many benefits.


But you do one thing really well. Do you know what it is? Can you describe it? More importantly, will people get it?


Who you are, what you do, and communicating that effectively to others are the three components that form the foundation of your core potential.


When you’re able to articulate this effectively to a broad audience, you will instantly increase the value of what you are already doing.



The Value is in the Process

Each of us observes a problem differently and we manufacture a unique process to get to the solution based on our own experiences. Describing this process facilitates our ability to communicate what we are doing in the present moment. It also enables others to visualize the solution and what it can do for them NOW.


We get you to this level of granularity in under 6 weeks positioning you to garner your own niche in the marketplace and discover many more opportunities for transferring the process.


You are far broader than your product.


  • Experiences

    Core Potential Statement Discovery - Uncover your value through evaluating your moments of insight

  • Connections

    Connect Core Potential to Market - Broaden your reach with a compelling narrative

  • Perspectives

    Quickly Go to Market - Incorporate perspectives and create a scalable launch strategy

Let’s get started.

  • Core Potential Discovery

    • 6 – 90 Minute Sessions
    • Output: One Sentence Core Potential Statement

BYD works with visionary leaders to uncover the core potential of their product or service and articulate that core potential to others. This will form the central basis of your storytelling by examining what pain points or challenges you  experienced or momentary epiphanies observed to help better explain the larger potential of the product or service created.
  • Connect Core Potential to Market

    • 6 – 90 Minute Sessions
    • Output: Narrative with Why, Mission and Product

We work with you to align the core potential to the vision (the why), the mission and product/services. This forms the basis for the storytelling and helps leaders clearly outline their messaging and marketing to attract more participants, investors and stakeholders. This narrative development work follows the core potential statement discovery.
  • Quickly Go to Market and Scale

    • Customized for Client
    • Output: Go to Market and Operational Strategy

We evaluate your market entry decisions from multiple perspectives to understand your audience and to develop a comprehensive strategy in which to move forward. These perspectives look beyond the size of your audience and look at their qualitative needs along with risk and financials to determine strategies that will influence them to be customers.