BYD Foundational Concepts

At BYD we are all about showing the world the value of your innovation or new idea.


“When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.”  ― Oprah Winfrey


Where is the value?

This is the question I keep asking my clients. What I have come to realize is that most of us are so defined by the external environment that we forget to ask ourselves these questions and it becomes lost to what’s explainable and understandable by the outside world. However, if you are doing something new you can’t expect others to see it by using analogies (see this YouTube video by Elon Musk) you have to go to the lowest level of where that value started. It is through your experiences and observations.


“First principles thinking is the act of boiling a process down to the fundamental parts that you know are true and building up from there.” – Elon Musk


We work with you to unravel the first principles that brought you to your idea and reconnect them to determine the core potential.

Concept 1

Importance of Connections


Growing up in a small village in India, I spent the formative years of my life watching and seeing how people and society interact with each other and the importance of these connections. These connections I later have come to realize are the framework of our modern technology. Despite our large population, we still want to establish and live life in that feeling of a close knit community and there are a wide range of services that are offered to accomplish that (think Facebook, Uber, Match).


These technologies offer that human element we all so deeply crave.


Understanding that these basic human connections are a foundation for modern businesses especially those in technology allows me to go deep with my clients to truly uncover the impact of what they are doing for our society.

Concept 2

Clarity of Insights


Innovation comes not from the outside but from within. Children start out the world asking questions, being curious. However, we quickly stop them from discovering or trying new things because it may not be acceptable to society.


Unfortunately all that does is stop the child from trusting their own judgement and they end up acquiescing to the outside world to show them how to live life, how to think and how to be.


Therefore when we do have a new idea, we do not take the time to understand the connections we made to get to that idea or trust ourselves that we have something great. We immediately start looking to the market to define it which will most likely turn it into something that others already understand and totally miss its unique value. And because of our conditioning we bucket ourselves into a definition that has already been approved.

Concept 3

Trust in Yourself


In a village actions are taken purely based on trust. I roamed from house to house and ate wherever I wished. This level of trust allows people to go to each other for basic services as well such as hail a ride to the city, pick up groceries for a neighbor, pass important messages and find eligible suitors for their children. That powerful network took generations to establish not just years.


This level of trust is key for companies seeking to connect people and services to succeed. This ties directly into your value.


It is not just important to provide a reputable service but you have to trust yourself that you are providing a valuable service. You cannot just be dictated by traditional definitions of trust for this – in terms of reputation, providing quality service and apologizing when making mistakes.


You have to trust that what you are bringing to the table is a crucial part of what the village needs and it improves everyone for the better.


The value doesn’t come from the outside. It has always been there within you. You just have to find it and we are here to help you.